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Hand crafted in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Leigh Maxwell jewelry is committed to the creation of designs showcasing the natural beauty of brilliant, precious gemstones.  The warm touch of solid 18kt gold is combined with natural gemstones in simple, yet elegant designs, blurring the line between everyday luxury and special occasion wear. Our pieces are to be worn and treasured as reminders of special milestones or relationships. Our jewelry becomes a signature piece, cherished for generations.

 Due to our commitment to hand fabrication and use of natural gems, our pieces are in limited production, making each one as unique as the woman who wears it.


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Jennifer Maxwell

Jennifer is a jewelry designer who started designing and fabricating jewelry after a career as a physician specializing in international health.  Jennifer has always been fascinated with ancient jewelry and natural stones, but it was her travels to developing countries that inspired her to begin her own jewelry line. As a collector, Jennifer always seemed to bring home jewelry from her travels. The pieces she discovered were hand made of local materials. The knowledge that the pieces were created by the hands of local artists instilled a sense of home and relationship to the country and the people, creating priceless keepsakes. Developing relationships is integral to how Jennifer works and designs. Having travelled to East Africa to visit gemstone mines and meet the miners who toil to provide the gemstones used in her creations, Jennifer delights in weaving together the lives of the miners, cutters, herself and the eventual wearer. Leigh Maxwell is inspired the way women throughout history and around the world adorn themselves with jewelry that tells their life story.


Brigitta LuttreLl

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Brigitta has always been a collector of small objects like rocks, shells, and beads. This love of small scale and attention to detail lends itself to jewelry making. To Brigitta, jewelry is a celebration of nature and our precious connection to the world around us. Brigitta studied jewelry and metalsmithing at Syracuse University and has worked various jobs in the jewelry industry. Creating something new by hand gives her a special sense of satisfaction in a way that nothing else can.